Tips on How to Create a Bedroom and Bath for Your New Child


Nursery options

When young families have a little one on the way, it often makes them start thinking of creating the perfect space for their new family member. This space should allow them to be comfortable from the beginning of life until they are off to college. This can be challenging, but TrustBilt of Albuquerque, NM can help! We offer tips on how to create a bedroom and bath for your new child that will easily meet their needs as they grow.

The Nursery Stage

It can be downright daunting when planning for a new baby, and trying to imagine the perfect room that allows for growth. Of course, initially you will need space for a crib, changing table, dresser, comfy chair, closet space and toy storage. It is essential also to have easy access to a bathroom. Let’s face it, babies need lots of items such as diapers, clothing, blankets and more. Cubbies for storage and ways to prevent clutter are a necessity. Having all these items at an arm’s reach can make caring for your newborn, much easier. Additionally, it is more practical to have easy access to the bathroom when toilet training, as well as providing a private bath for your growing child who will soon be a teenager. TrustBilt can help you plan for a natural transition through the years, and we have solutions for any budget.

Flooring That Stands the Test of Time

Many new parents have difficulty thinking of the right flooring to choose when creating a space that is functional and timeless. The best choice for a child’s bedroom is wood or laminate flooring and a large area rug. The rug allows your child a comfortable and safe place to play and a soft landing to silence foot noise. It makes cleaning the floor easier, and the area rug can be changed out during different phases of your child’s growth to suit their likes and needs. Wood or laminate flooring is easy to clean and keep beautiful. It also is very resistant to the everyday spills and accidents of childhood, unlike many wall to wall carpeting choices. In addition, wood or laminate flooring adds to the warmth and beauty of any room, allowing functionality and comfort when you need it the most!

Allowing Growth from Newborn to Toddler with Color Choices

Once you decide on the perfect color for the nursery, you can also make it a color that will transition through the early childhood development years. For instance, powder or pastel blues and pinks may work for a year or so but soon your child will outgrow them. Children crave a colorful environment. It not only stimulates growth but allows for a place in which they will love to play. You may want to opt for some bold colors that make the room fun for your child and you. There are plenty of unisex colors to choose from that will adapt to any child. Colors, textures and patterns all work well with child development, making your child’s room the perfect place to play it up!

Options for Children’s Bathrooms

At first glance in the bath, you may want to use a floor covering such as a ceramic tile that withstands moisture and more. Additionally, a small children’s commode is great for potty-training and can be quickly changed out to a standard size as your child grows. Lots of cabinet storage for bath toys, towels, powders, hair and body toiletries, and extra diapers, etc., are stored nicely in the child’s bath. Make sure that easy access to toothbrushes and other grooming items are easily accessible for your child as they grow, along with some interesting color will make the bathroom a fun and comfortable room.

Designing the nursery and children’s bath can be lots of fun! Think about colors, textures and ways to make your child’s space more engaging. At TrustBilt, we love helping growing families stay within budget while assisting them in realizing their dreams for their family. For a free estimate on how we can help you remodel or renovate the perfect space for your new family member, give us a call at (505) 688-8194. We provide remodeling services throughout New Mexico, including Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico areas.


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