Do You Need a Sustainable Landscaping Renovation?


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When planning a workable landscape, one must consider the long-term of caring for and maintaining the grounds. Creating an outdoor space that is attractive and functional should be just one of your objectives. It is important to identify what is not working well in your landscape before making changes. TrustBilt can help New Mexico businesses, and homeowners realize a beautiful outdoor space by incorporating sustainable landscaping renovations.

What is Sustainable Landscaping?

There are several definitions for sustainable landscaping; however, manageable solutions should consider little resources for maintenance with grass, plant and tree selections that are indigenous. Low maintenance considerations are significant benefits when planning the best sustainable landscape. In New Mexico, we have more than one planting zone, so planning ahead and being knowledgeable about your area, will help you secure the right choices needed for long-term landscapes that need very little attention.

Another component of sustainable landscapes is water conservation. Conservation can be difficult in the New Mexico heat. Savvy landscapers have learned that good fertilization, heavy mulching, enclosed patio nurseries, and selecting medicinal plants, can all add to the beauty and function in any outdoor space whether it be large or small.

Watering Systems

Regularly, a segment of New Mexico experiences a drought season. For example, the average, yearly rainfall for Albuquerque, New Mexico is 9.5 inches. Because of this, water preservation is crucial. Again, you can avoid water runoff by incorporating a healthy mulch to retain moisture. Add 3 – 4 inches around blossoming shrubs and plants but abstain from placing mulch against tree trunks as this practice can invite pests and disease.

Separate your plants and organize those that have identical water needs together, such as a garden. Other areas can be for the lower use of water with local bushes and flowers. Drip lines are efficient watering systems that maintain a sustainable landscape easily and conservatively. Sprinkler systems for grassy lawns can be set up to water for short periods of time daily usually before sunrise and after sunset are the best times to water.

Diverse Landscaping Needs Requires a Professional

If you need protection from the wind, more shade, or more sun, you will benefit by having a team of professionals who understand New Mexico climate changes. We offer outdoor solutions that meet all of your needs. At TrustBilt of New Mexico, we not only remodel homes, but we also provide sustainable landscaping services. For a free estimate, call (505) 688-8194.

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