Don’t Forget to Look Up When Planning Your Remodel

Photorealistic 3D render of a bedroom

This ceiling renders an effective 3-D design

In spite of the fact that the ceiling has a tendency to be out of sight, the right designs on the ceiling can have a vivid effect on the general décor. Designs and hues can be utilized to highlight a focal light, and the additional space frequently functions admirably for most remodeling schemes. At TrustBilt of New Mexico, we recommend you explore your options when it comes to texture, color and design of your ceiling and don’t forget to look up when planning your remodel.

Include a Specialty Design

There are numerous choices for ceiling beautifications. As opposed to painting the ceiling a smooth white to supplement the dividers, you could embellish the ceilings with beautiful elements that make them stand out gracefully. For example, in the event that you have white dividers, then a diverse flower example will most likely draw the eye, light up the space and make an impression in the room.

Ceiling outlines are suitable for a wide exhibit of aesthetic tastes. Considering adding softly-hued vines inching in from the corners to the overhead light in the focal point of the ceiling that offer an interesting effect. Likewise if you incorporate rich, yellow tones that become more immersed toward the focal point of the ceiling, it will cause your ceiling to stand out.

Try to Incorporate Shading Principles

A ceiling painted one solid color may not be sufficient. This is especially true when it comes to making your ceiling an eye-catcher. Nonetheless, including a few simple designs– even customary, geometric ones like dabs or rectangles – can add a pleasant visual enhancement to the room. This also gives the room a more open appearance, and offers more area options in which to place lighting. Since the ceiling is not a space that can become too cluttered with decor, any practical design that you like, and that compliments your flooring may be a better fit for the ceiling. Swirls and conventional themes on the ceiling can make for an intriguing vision, particularly orchestrated around the focal lighting. Exposed beams, textures and other elements can change an ordinary ceiling into a eye drawing masterpiece!

Traditional and Innovative Ceiling Designs

More often than not, parts of the ceiling that include inclines and dissensions, can give a room an alluring and inviting sense of feel. Wood framing is a lovely change of pace, particularly if the dividers are a solid hue of pigment, and will assist in making the ceiling to emerge. Picking the right hues for lightening is essential, as well. Pick colors that accentuate the lighting in the room so that the carved floral design, wood molding or other creative elements stand out against it.

At TrustBilt, we take pride in helping our customers make the right choices for celling design and color. Remember, a remodel often consist of adapting your ceiling to your new floor design elements. Call TrustBilt at 505-688-8194 today for a free estimate. We offer remodeling services throughout New Mexico, including Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM areas.

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