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TrustBilt offers ergonomic kitchen renovations for Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and other New Mexico areas. The importance of remodeling a kitchen to meet your needs when it comes to convenience and comfort may be a new one for many. However, it is a must for couples who are raising families or working full-time with little time for prep and cooking of meals. We understand the needs that arise in an active household and love helping families find better solutions for utilizing the kitchen area without breaking their backs. Here are some tips for creating a space that offers less bending, twisting, stretching, turning, ducking and reaching for needed kitchen items.

Different Counter Heights Accommodate a Variety of Kitchen Chores

When a kitchen is designed to offer more creativity, easier production, practical solutions, and comfort, it often becomes the center of the home. Today, dealers offer ergonomic designs in appliances and fixtures that make planning out a meal or working in the kitchen less painful and more enjoyable! One way TrustBilt implements an ergonomically sound solution to the kitchen remodel is by offering customized counters and cabinets. Not everyone is over six feet tall, so building a kitchen in a standard format does not work. Forcing your body to adapt to standard sized cabinets and counters can cause back strain and other health problems. In previous blogs, we discussed workstation(s) and locations throughout the kitchen. All of these details need to be addressed before anyone orders and customizes a kitchen space that will work.

The Right Flooring Option Can Make Kitchen Work an Ease!

TrustBilt offers about any kitchen flooring solution that a customer needs. The most popular flooring for kitchens, as of late, has been Bamboo flooring, as it offers more comfort for standing longer times. Other popular choices have been more giving floors like rubber, cork and wood. They tend to be easier on legs and feet and are easy to keep clean. In addition, we suggest adding non-skid rugs in work areas that easily add extra comfort to the back and feet. The best placement for these rugs is at workstations like the sink, stove, and prep areas.

Doors Are Out, and Drawers Are In!

The kitchen cabinetry designs have stepped up since your grandmother’s time, and that means doors are out, and drawers are in. Drawers can offer storage for plates other kitchen utensils, offering easy access. Self-closing glides on drawers are a must for less bending and stretching. Now there are flip up doors that make cabinet access easy and sufficient. As far as appliances, drawers are not as ergonomically sound when it comes to a refrigerator. Side-by-side doors tend to offer better solutions and less bending.

At TrustBilt, we can offer design options for any home on any budget. For a free estimate, call 505-688-8194 today. We provide services throughout New Mexico, including Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico municipalities.  

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