Lighting Designs that Work Best in any Remodel!


Living room in new construction home with fireplace

No one needs to be an interior designer or decorator to know the importance of indoor lighting. Proper lighting helps maximize the full use of your home. The trend in home design is the multi-purpose use of each room while keeping the GREEN concept intact. When selecting appropriate lighting, look for something that complements the décor without being obtrusive. Indoor lighting should always provide sufficient visibility for every task. More homes are now using natural light as their primary indoor light source. Frankly, this means selecting high-performance lighting for cloudy days or after dark, and that can be a bit more challenging. At TrustBilt of Albuquerque, NM, we offer remodeling design ideas for lighting to help our customers benefit from as much natural light as possible.

Lighting up Your Living Space

Rooms that serve as gathering places in your home and that host multifunctional activities such as a media center, conversation cubbies, reading chairs, home art collections, etc., need particular attention. Recessed down-lights are most effective in drawing attention to the fireplace and removing visual clutter. Use a bar of dimmer switches with small lights for portraits, and sculptures that can also be lowered to accommodate a media screen, televisions, and computers. Freestanding lamps prevent glare and are the perfect match for your family bookworm. Illuminate your game tables with a 36- inch pendant lamp hanging above the activity area, making sure you consider efficient headroom.

Remember the Kitchen

Other than the living room area, the kitchen is the other most important room in your entire house. If your kitchen is a gathering place for family or friends, cooking and just sitting for long chats, your lighting requirements will be diverse. Under-cabinet lighting should be located in the front part of the cabinet, making it less visible and more efficient. Recessed lighting is a perfect match for over the sink and stove area. It supplies high focused light and yet stays out of the way. For a romantic dinner setting. We also suggest using a pendant dimmer light over your kitchen nook.

Regardless of what your lighting needs are, today you have more options than ever before! At TrustBilt of Albuquerque New Mexico, we take pride in offering remodeling services and lighting ideas to all of our customers. Did you know that you can also choose different hues of lighting and use the warm light vs. a bright lighting effect? Whatever you do, remember that in selecting the right lighting for your home, it is important to find something that fits your lifestyle and personality. Have fun!

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